It’s Enough

Before we moved to Panama life was busy. I had a full-time job, helped out with the youth ministry and juggled many activities and responsibilities.  I wore my busyness like a badge of honor and loved the fact that I could accomplish so much in one day.  I was efficient and got it done. Fast [...]


How we actually moved to Panama. It’s actually hard to believe we did it: successfully made an international move.  There are days that is hard to believe and honestly, this whole experience has been drenched with the grace of God and the help of some incredible people. The list of logistics that had to be [...]

Pile of Rocks

This week concluded my time at Cairn University, where  I worked in the marketing department for over 5 years. I am grateful that I find it hard to leave my job. If it was easy, I would question the impact that it had on my life. While I worked at Cairn one of the biggest [...]