It’s Enough

Before we moved to Panama life was busy. I had a full-time job, helped out with the youth ministry and juggled many activities and responsibilities.  I wore my busyness like a badge of honor and loved the fact that I could accomplish so much in one day.  I was efficient and got it done.

Fast forward to my life in Panama….and there are days I am lucky if I get done half as much as I would have before.  Now, there are many factor contributing to this….learning the way of life in Panama, the language,the culture, and transition in general. I have not been here long enough to make sweeping judgment on the culture, but for the most part, the pace here is slower than that of the culture I came from.  Not going to lie, this can be very frustrating.  BUT, it can also be liberating.

Who says I have to accomplish so much each day? I know from the culture of the northeast, it’s unrelenting and it seems like no matter how much is done, more is always expected.  This shift in my life has been although hard a times, necessary.

I am realizing…it’s enough.  I am enough.

I am reminded of the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10We think we have to DO more, when really we just need to BE. 

I don’t have to accomplish every task to be productive or worthy. I don’t have to be everything to everyone.  I don’t have to make leaps and bounds every day. Some days, most days, it’s just about taking that next step.  Right now for me, that means learning a little more Spanish each day. Filling out the next form as we apply for residency or simply preparing a meal.

Don’t let busy be a badge of honor (after all, busyness doesn’t make you more holy :).  You are enough regardless of how productive life seems right now. Focus on the people around you,loving them and the rest will fall into place.  


3 thoughts on “It’s Enough

  1. Hey Jendi & Nate.
    Thank you for your frequent emails. Sure, it’s wonderful to hear what our missionaries are doing around the world, but both of you are a blessing to me. Thank you for your transparency and the wisdom you share in these missives. Today’s “It’s Enough” especially blessed me. I’m sure part of the blessing has to do what I feel like I’m facing daily. Nevertheless, God used you powerfully ini my life today and, I’m sure, in the lives of others who received it. Thank you!
    Blessings to you! John


  2. Hi Jendi and Nate,
    I so appreciate your transparency in your emails. I am enjoying following your adventures and seeing how God is using you both. God has taken you from your comfort zone and placed you where He is stretching you and enlarging your boundaries (from your previous email) and is showing you that life is not about keeping busy but about being–being who He has called you to be. Such an exciting adventure of just being faithful will lead you to the joy of sharing His love and salvation with others.


  3. That is awesome Jendi . you are correct we often fall into that trap and believe we are not good enough, if we are not doing a million things and being there for everyone.
    Glad you are getting familiar with Panama it forced me to move slower and manana es un otro dia!
    All does not need to be solved in a day. John and I learned that the hard way. .


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