My Big Move: An update from Decker

Between our blog and monthly newsletter we hope you have stayed in the loop as we transitioned to Panama.  Hard to believe we have been here for 90 days. Before we moved we really debated whether bringing Decker was the right option, but God provided in so many details even providing a lady from LifeBridge who is a professional pet relocater. We are so glad we brought him as he has provided a piece of home in an unfamiliar place and opportunities we wouldn’t have without him. Decker wanted to give you all a little update on what he has been doing and what he thinks about Panama.


Hiii friends! I live in Panama now.  At first I was a little nervous about my move.  I went on a special ride and had to be in a cage and Nate and Jendi weren’t with me.  It was loud and I couldn’t pee for a long time. When the ride was over a really nice lady was there to get me.  She took me to her house until Nate and Jendi came to get me. 

I live in an apartment now.  I know you might be thinking, wow, that is quite a change, going from farm-living to apartment-living, but don’t worry I am doing GREAT! Our apartment building has a magic box. I get in, wait a few seconds and next thing I know we are up on our floor and I don’t even have to walk up the stairs.  I love when Nate and Jendi let me go in the magic box, but most of the times we walk up the stairs.

DEcker 4

It did take some time to get use to all the noises of living in an apartment and getting use to some of the neighbors, like the pesky cat who sometimes waits outside the door for me.  All I want to do is chase him! But I know most of my neighbors now – dogs and humans.  

I get lots of exercise on my morning and evening walks.  Plus, all the dogs in the neighborhood love me.  They all want to play with me and be my friend.  I love all of them!

Nate and Jendi take me lots of places: parks, the beach, the mountains. I love it all, especially when it means I get to go swimming…swimming is my favorite!


So you could say the Panamanian life is treating me well. Sometimes I miss where we used to live but I am just glad Nate and Jendi brought me with them.  They are my most favorite humans!

4 thoughts on “My Big Move: An update from Decker

  1. Hi Decker! So glad to hear all about your new home, routine and friends. Please tell your favorite humans that I pray often for them and trust that God continues to lead and direct by the presence of His Spirit. In Jesus love, JoAnn


  2. This is Dobie. I miss you coming to farm camp and having sleep overs with you. I’m trying to keep my humans in line but you know that is quite a chore. When I chase the cats, I remember how fast you were when you did it. They are glad you haven’t been to farm camp. I will write later, it has been a hot day and it is 8:00 PM, time for bed.


  3. Swimming is a good favorite, Decker. Easy on the joints – you can do it till you’re 20. Try to emphasize the catch part of your stroke. The more water you push behind you, the faster you’ll go. Hopefully you can beat Nate in swim races by now. He hasn’t practiced with his personal trainer in a while…


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