When Life gets Flipped Upside Down

It was a year ago this week that our life was flipped upside down and we didn’t even know it yet.  BIG changes were just on the horizon. 

It was the last week in January of 2016 when we were first introduced to LifeBridge International Church. During Global Mission Week at Cairn University last year was when we first met Glenn (former Pastor of LifeBridge turned Missions Mobilizer with Converge) and he introduced us to LifeBridge and encouraged us to go to the Missionary Assessment Center (MAC). We didn’t know it at the time, but attending the MAC would change our lives and help us see that God was leading us into missions and ultimately, to Panama to serve at LifeBridge. You can watch this video (which was filmed while we were attending the MAC) to get a better idea of what we did and this incredible tool that we highly recommend to anyone thinking of going into missions or ministry.

Being on the “other side” of all the assessments and time it took for us to ultimately know we would be going to Panama doesn’t feel much different.  Even though A LOT happened this year, there is still a lot that will happen.

It’s not about that one big life event or working up until that one big moment. It’s not about arriving or discovering that one thing. It’s seeing each day as a part of the journey God has us on. And God has us each on a journey, though different for each of us.  It’s about embracing each day, each moment and each part of our journey. 

I love thinking back on “where was I this time last year?” I hope I continue to be amazed at how God works in my life.  It doesn’t have to be a big move or a huge life change.  It could be a relationship that has evolved, a skill that has been improved or a even a hard time in life that you can look back on. The important part is to see how God is working in all of our lives and to know He is working through all situations, big or small.

So, a year ago we were just discovering Converge Missions and LifeBidge International Church.  I wonder all that we will be able to look back on a year from now.  Always excited to see change and the way God works!

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