How we actually moved to Panama.

It’s actually hard to believe we did it: successfully made an international move.  There are days that is hard to believe and honestly, this whole experience has been drenched with the grace of God and the help of some incredible people. The list of logistics that had to be accomplished seemed unending at time, but somehow we managed it all and did it in 6,5,4,3,2,1

6 Bags

As many of you know and from previous posts. We got rid of most of our belongings from Pennsylvania.  Through selling and giving away we probably got rid of 90% of our stuff.  We then left some things stored away at my parents house and were left with 6 duffel bags of things to bring to Panama.  It was a lot of work to pare things down, but doing that was helpful and created space for only the necessities that we would bring with us.

5-Hour Flight

The flight from Newark,NJ to Panama City,Panama is about 5 hours (give or take,depending on your pilot). We decided a non-stop flight would be best with all our stuff.  So 5 hours after taking off we touched down in Panama. If I am honest this was one of the hardest flights of my life.  All the emotions of the move pretty much came to a head during this time for me (Jendi). In some ways, this time was the literal bridge between life in Pennsylvania and life in Panama.  

All the bags were checked and we were ready to board. Here we come, Panama!

4 Legal Documents

We knew that we would be applying for residency right away, so we cam prepared with the proper paperwork to start that process.  Lucky for us , there is a Panamanian consulate right in Philly! Getting this paperwork and some other documents in order was very important to have signed the week before we left by the Panamanian consulate.

3 Days of Transition

Upon our arrival the interim Pastor and his wife were still here in Panama. So for our first 3 days here, we actually stayed with them. It was helpful to learn a few key things from them (like how you have to pay the internet bill at the grocery store). It’s always helpful to learn from people who have lived through it!

2 Bikes

As many of you know we are all about adventure.  We couldn’t come to Panama without the right tools to continue to do some of the activities we love.  So along with our 6 duffel bags came 2 bike boxes.  

1 Dog

Decker is actually more Panamanian than we are. He arrived the day before and got to hang out at a kennel (with a lake!) until we arrived. I half kid when I say it was more difficult for Decker to travel here than it was for us.  Decker is adjusting to life here,just as we are.  

Decker travel.jpg
Decker traveled in style in his Giant-sized crate.

So, we made it! Now on to figuring our life in Panama…and we thought all the stuff we had to do to get here was hard 😉

2 thoughts on “6,5,4,3,2,1…

  1. I am so proud of quality two.It takes faith to do what you two are doing.I am praying for the two of you to be an instrument of Gods hand.Love to you,Greg


  2. With the Lord at the center, a cord of three strands is not easily broken! We are praying for you guys and we love you!

    John & Renee


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