Getting a Glimpse [of life in Panama]

After spending 11 days in Panama we were able to get a glimpse of what life will look like there.  It was exciting to start to explore the city and experience life there.  We are leaving feeling grateful for this opportunity with much to look forward to.

Serving at a young, growing church.  We were privileged to be at LifeBridge on Palm Sunday and Easter.  There is so much enthusiasm from this group and so much potential!  It’s exciting for us to be on the ground and we are eager to be a part of this community and are humbled to lead here.  

Being a part of an international community. Doing life with people from all over the world who are currently calling Panama home. Already the richness to this is something we appreciate so much. The perspectives, experiences, and lifestyles of our community is something we hope to learn from and are excited to be a part of.

Getting outside of the city with Cleide, Diana and Josh. 

Food. We love food and living in an International city within Latin America is basically our food dream come true. Restaurants in Panama are incredible.  So many options with authentic flare. Although food stores in Panama are much like those in the states, the markets are something different and amazing. Fresh fruits and vegetables and fish caught the same day..does it get much better than that?

Small city, big possibilities. Panama City is not huge and quite drive-able (when traffic is not bad). It is also one of the only capital cities in the world with a rain forest within city limits.  You can get to the beach,mountains, and opposite coast for day trips.  For us,it’s the best of both worlds: city living with easy access to the outdoors.

city skape.JPG
Panama City. Lots of beauty in and out of the city. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of hard parts. Parts that aren’t as exciting to talk about and aspects that are hard.  The living far from family and friends, the learning how to do life in a new place and adapting to a different lifestyle. It’s not all exciting and thrilling, but for now, I will leave you with the things we are most excited about.

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