An Attitude of Gratitude During Times of Change

Before diving into our Thanksgiving the Hamilton family tradition is …

Before diving into our Thanksgiving the Hamilton family tradition is taking turns sharing what we are grateful for and then lighting a little pumpkin candle. In honor of that tradition here are some thoughts on thankfulness and gratitude.

Change has a way of putting everything into perspective.  Especially when it’s leave-everything-you-know change.  Knowing that [God willing] we will be in Panama in six months has given this holiday season and life in general a different taste. We notice things we did not notice before and are eager to soak up every moment. In light of that we wanted to share with you some of what we are thankful for,right now, during this transitional time in our lives.


The cool thing about the support raising  process is that we get to sit down with people and share all the incredible ways God has been working in our lives and tell them about Panama and the new adventure God has called us to.  What an encouragement it has been to have the blessing of on a regular [daily] basis meeting with people and sharing our journey with them. It has been a special blessing as we get together with people that we do not see often. It has been such an encouragement to sit down with people from different times in our lives and share about all God is doing.

Bucks County,Pennsylvania

It’s been our home for 30 years [Jendi a little longer than Nate :)], where we met, got married and  have lived since getting married 7 years ago. It’s hot in the summer and snowy and freezing in the winter. Seeing summer turn to fall turn to winter is one of the things that makes this area so beautiful.  And Bucks County or more specifically Newtown, is our community.  We are grateful for the role this places and the people here have played in our lives.  

Doing ministry as a team

It has been exciting for us to have the opportunity to work together more.  We have always considered ourselves a team when it comes to life and ministry.  As we are in the midst of transitioning out of old jobs and looking forward to ministry in Panama we have been grateful for the opportunity to work side-by-side and get to be a ministry team full time.  

As we reflect on these things it would be easy to see them as the things we are sad about leaving or mad that it’s changing,but instead we are grateful and hopeful [most of the time].  Hopeful because as life changes for us, gratitude doesn’t have to. We can be grateful everyday for the way he blesses us and provides for us just as we need it.

It’s hard to say goodbye to people, to adapt to new surroundings and learn new ways of doing life but this Thanksgiving we are thankful for change. The way change has stretched, encouraged and provided an avenue for gratitude.

As we savor these aspects of our current life we are also grateful for change, new opportunities and the new people, places and experiences we will have in Panama.

One thought on “An Attitude of Gratitude During Times of Change

  1. Hey guys!

    Loved reading your newsletter. Great writing…my goodness!

    We look forward to our next Skype …so much to talk about. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with family,


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