How do you move [your stuff] to another country? And other logistics of moving overseas.

What are you doing with your stuff? Are you selling your house?

These are two other questions that we get often and understandably as we take on the task of not only preparing for overseas ministry, but also setting up life in another country.  

When we moved from a condo to our into our current home I am pretty sure Nate and I both uttered the words “we are not moving again for a long time!”  And that move was only 5 miles down the road! Here we are 4 years later preparing to make a much bigger move.  

Fortunately, we are renting right now and our landlord has been very understanding about our situation. So, we will not being going through the process of selling a house at this time. Phew!

But, we do have stuff and we have decided we will most likely get rid of a large portion of that stuff and move with very little.  This means doing a massive purge and I am not going to lie, it can be daunting.  Look around your house, now think about what it would look like to get rid of all of it. Yikes, I know.  

Having fun loading up the truck with items to donate.

Getting on my soapbox for a moment here: I love simple living! I read a book [Organized Simplicity] a couple of years ago that really changed my perspective on stuff and how we view it.  Although I now find it easier to get rid of stuff I still have the task at hand of actually doing it, so I created Five & Fifty Friday.  Every Friday I post five items for sale (using Facebook yard sale group and Craigslist) and donate fifty items to Salvation Army, Goodwill or other local thrift store.  It has become freeing to get rid of things and makes the move overseas seem less daunting.

 We are also trying to give/sell cheaply to friends and family.  We would love our stuff be used by people we know.  So, don’t hesitate to ask if you are looking for anything household oriented.

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