Why I need people and why you probably do too

One of the most significant things I have learned through moving to Panama has been the deep need we have for other people.  The desire and necessity to have people who are a part of our lives. Who know us, who love us, who do life with us.

I knew moving would bring a lot of transitions.  Life in Panama is different than life in Pennsylvania.  And to be honest, before moving I thought I would miss places and things.  As many of you know we got rid of A LOT and I thought I would miss that stuff, but I don’t. I thought I would miss some of my favorite places and restaurants and although there are times I miss a few of my favorite restaurants (like my all-time favorite Mexican place-shutout to Cancan in Langhorne, PA) I realize it’s not the places or things that I miss, but the people I shared those things and places with.

On the flip-side, living in Panama offers us the opportunity to visit incredible beaches, hike on amazing trails and explore new places, but those places wouldn’t be as great if I didn’t get to share the experiences with others.

Moving has provided me the opportunity to see just how crucial relationships are and how they give meaning to life.  Though I have had lonely times it’s been a person who has helped me find my way out of that place. In some ways it’s like I am discovering this incredible gift of community and relationships in a whole new way. I am sure if you think back to some of life’s most memorable times, they are memorable for who you were with not where you were or what you had.

A question I keep coming back to is: am I living like the people around me matter? It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day ( I know, because I have been there), but ultimately I truly believe where we go and what we do means nothing without the people we have.  How are you building into those who are important to you?


One thought on “Why I need people and why you probably do too

  1. Hello Jendi,
    Enjoyed reading the blog. Yes, the Apostle Paul was a citizen of the world in his ministry to Gentiles in my mind.Today there is so much international travel today we have opportunities to minister in Jesus’ name, and be ministered to from other missionaries we meet. So many internationals are visiting so many different co7ntries.

    Am praying for your continued adaptation in all ways to Panamanian life. LifeBridge seems like a fine supporting group. Looks like you have opportunity for your outdoor adventures.

    I am attending Covenant Presbyterian. Church in Buckingham; think we met at Calvary Chapel Chalfont.

    Hope to visit you in your church in Panama one day.

    God is our Provider!

    Ann Russell


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